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If you are a WFTV Subscriber please Join our Telegram Group.

 If you are unable to Successfully  download / install the service you can bring your TV Box to me and have it done for you it only takes a couple minutes call 519-968-3507 to make an appointment.

                                              Smart TV, iOS, & ROKU
                           Use IBO Pro Player from the app store on your device.

                                    Also Available on Google Play


If you wish to use any Smart Streaming device click here

Newest WFTV Vu App


Standard WFTV App (Based on Smarters)     




*** WFTV Apps can now be easily installed on your Android Device using the UnLinked Downloader App which can be installed from the Link  below. Once installed open app and press the Left Arrow on remote. Click Add Library and enter Code D3D43088  ***

Click here for instructions

Click here to download the UNLINKED APP  

Unlinked Downloader Click below and choose play to watch Unlinked Demo

Note: Unlinked is no longer available in GooglePlay Please use the Link Above

Direct Download Link for WFTV App

Direct Dowload Link for VOD Click Here




Direct Download Link for Downloader App

 Downloader App Users enter ( 729303 For WFTV Vu App) (890729 For VOD)

Now available using Unlinked App from Google Play Visit Knowledge base and search unlinked


                                        These are the Only 2 Apps You Need


       Watch this video to learn how to use the Download Links









AIRDroidalt  Install this app to allow WFTV to provide Remote Support