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 If you are unable to Successfully  download / install the service you can bring your TV Box to me and have it done for you it only takes a couple minutes call 519-968-3507 to make an appointment.

New App for all WFTV Services   



Direct Download link for New VOD Service App

Direct Download Link for WFTV App

*New App for WFTV Basic with VOD 

 Have a look at the new WFTV&VOD App Here

WFTV XC App, This App Supports timed recording.

Direct Download Link for **WFTV Full Player

**Note WFTV Full Player is also a Launcher and is intended for experienced Android programmers only. Use at your own risk. This Player contains the WFTV PlayStore .

Direct Download Link for Downloader App

 Downloader App Users enter ( 27581 For WFTV App) (83397 For VOD) (34200 WFTV Full Player)  (61693 WFTV&VOD)


                                        These are the Only 2 Apps You Need


       Watch this video to learn how to use the Download Links









AIRDroidalt  Install this app to allow WFTV to provide Remote Support