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From time to time APPs may change or be discontinued by their creators. WFTV has no control over this.

WFTV is now offering an App Downloading and installing service using the FileLink App which can be downloaded using the link below. This service will allow you to download and install a selection of Apps made available to you from WFTV.  To help cover the cost of maintaining and continually upgrading and researching the latest App, this service will be available at an annual cost of $25/year.

Click here to apply for this service

If you are unable to sucessfully download / install the service you can bring your TV Box to me and have it done for you it only takes a couple minutes call 519-968-3507 to make an appointment.

                  Speed Test                                                               DroidAdmin Now FileLink




                 Quick Support                                         WFTV Box ( now available on Filelink only )



     WFTV Player  ( now available on FileLink  Only)