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Basic Live TV





If you Already have a working Android TV Box and simply want the ability to watch Live TV

Here is the package you want Includes most North American networks, and premium Movie and Sports  over 2000 channels ! Only $10/Month


Note you must be able to install the WFTV App on your device.

For installation instructions visit the Knowledge Base: How to install the WFTV App?

Or direct download WFTV App HereLink

FireStick users point your Downloader to


Attention: All Users MUST User the WFTV App it's the only App that will work As of Sept 01, 2021

If you are using the WFTV App and it stopped working Aug 31 click the instruction link bellow.

If your looking for a solution after the Server change. Here it is:
1. Open the WFTV App,
2.Click the head next to the Bell, logout,
4.Click add User, refresh DNS, list users,
7. Click User to log back in.
Congratulations!! Your your WFTV App should now be sync'd to the new server.


For other Live Streaming TV Options visit