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The IPTV is great! Tons of channels, Movies, Sports, everything you can imagine. It's not perfect occasionally a channel may not work, but it is well worth the $15/month. I love it. Neil is quick to answer any questions I had.

Give this a try, you won't be disappointed.

I Love the IPTV! I was able to quit my Cable Company and saved myself over $100 per month. and I get more channels to boot!

I tried other Android TV Boxes only to have them work for a short time and then the place I bought it from was no place to be found. I've been dealing with Neil for about 2 years now. Great products and unbeatable support.

Five Stars All The Way.

Lovin the IPTV. EM92 Rocks! I wish I bought this a long time ago. Good Bye Cable

Having a lot of fun with my new Android box. you were definitely right about the learning curve. But the more i use it the more I like it. All my relatives are thinking about getting one after seeing mine.

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