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cCloud Fix August 29 2016

Stream All The Sources Pop up Error



Click Here for NETFLIX APP


IMPORTANT:  Force All ADD-ONS to Update ( This is important, there is an issue with KODI. It is a software bug not a problem with your box. But some and eventually all add-ons will stop updating ) You must do this to keep your KODI functioning properly. If you are not comfortable doing this, you can return your box to and I will do this for you a $10 fee will be charged for this service.


Ivue TV Guide:  The creators of iVue Guide pulled the plug on the program on Jan 15

If you wish to load an alternative guide I suggest Renegades TV it can be downloaded here  instuctions on how to load and setup will be posted soon.


How to Connect to home network

Warning: Do NOT try to use the Update Function on your Android Box this will in most cases cause the apps to crash!

The following Caution Notice has been added to all boxes sold after Dec 26   PLEASE READ

Note: For the best optimum performance, if possible use a wired internet connection. Although the wireless connections on the Android Boxes are very good. Conditions such as interference, wireless overload, overlapping wireless networks, and even bandwidth sharing can cause intermittent  streaming issues which are beyond control and not an issue with the box itself.

Dealing With Audio and Video Sync ( The lips don't move with the picture )

Kodi Basic Instructions

How to modify or hide a menu item

How to Watch Live NHL Games

The iVue TV Guide

How to Properly Shut Down KODI

How to Use ShowBox           ShowBox YouTube Video

How to Program The TV Box Remote to operate TV ON/OFF & Volume

S77 Pro Remote Instructions   Note the number keys are in blue activated by the ALT key , I find it easier just to use the Number key pad on the other side of the remote.

Back Lit Pro Remote Instructions


Live Support