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Here are some general Questions and Answears . If you have a question please ask it on the contact page.

Q: What kind of support can I expect after I purchase a box from you?

A: The addons are mostly self updating. I offer remote support via the Quick Support App / AirDroid App, and on occasion if necessary onsite support. If you require a particular addon I am always will to add that for you. You will not get the level of support I provide from any retail outlet. You are purchasing from a Certified Technician with over 35 year experience.


Q: Are your boxes JAILBROKEN, or do I have to pay extra for that?

A: The Term JAILBROKEN applies mostly to iOS ( Apple ) products. It is a process used to get around a software  lock that prevents non Authorized programs or Apps from being loaded. ANDROID products DO NOT NEED THIS , do not be fooled by any seller offering this on an Android product it is a scam! All Android TV Boxes sold by WFTV are fully Rooted.


Q: Some re-sellers are offering some sort of subscription service on their KODI boxes, what's that about?

A: Paid IPTV subscription service can be setup on TV Box. Offering a similar channel list and look as some popular Satellite  services. This is not part of "Free TV" but is available call for details.


Q: My KODI shuts off and I end up back at the Android menu! What's going on?

A: Although KODI is still installed on TV Boxes from WFTV it is no longer supported, as there are a number of much more reliable Apps that can perform similar tasks much more efficently then KODI


Q:   Is this legal?

A:    I don't claim to be an expert in the law, but I don't believe there is any law against watching any unencrypted stream that is available on the internet.   There are cases before the courts right now.


Q:   Do you guaranty that I will get everything?

A:    No! You will get a lot to choose from. But there is no guaranties that any particular stream will always be available.


Q:   Will I get any Adult Channels?

A:    Yes!  Adult channels are available. You must install the Adult Channels yourself they are not standard.


Q:  Is everything in HD?

A:   No! There are many things available in both HD and SD some LQ. In some cases you can choose and some you just take what you get.


Q:   Does the TV Box do anything besides KODI?

A:   Yes! The box is a standard Android unit and you can do all of the things available to Android devices. Like adding apps and surfing the web. You may want to add a keyboard and mouse if you choose to do so. I'm sure that once you start using it you will realize that there is whole lot more that you can do with a TV Box besides Kodi!


Q:  Can I upgrade the Android OS on the box.

A:  Like all Android devices it does have the ability to download and install a newer OS. However I do not recommend doing so as the hardware may or may not support the OS being installed. If you choose to do so, you do it at your own risk.


Q: How fast is this box?

A: Tv Box Speed can vary greatly based on the Processor  Type. The streaming speed speed will be mostly determined by your internet and WiFi or Wired connection speed.



Q: Can this replace my current Cable or Satellite?

A: That depends on the type of viewer you are.  It can certainly replace the extra's you may be paying for like Premium Movie Channels or Netflix


Q: Will this affect my internet bill?

A: Streaming video does use data or bandwidth, if your internet provider restricts the amount of data/bandwidth you can use, this may be reflected in your bill if you go over that amount. It is up to you to check with your internet provider.



Q: Why won't you supply a channel list?

A: That is a good question! I know other Android Box Sellers have lists or in most cases a whole page of channel logos, while looking very impressive, they are only the channels that may be available. There is no guaranty as to what you will actually be able to watch. I do not do that as I believe it can be very misleading. I just say "there is a lot to watch, On The Box".