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The Ultimate Entertainment Package

The Ultimate Entertainment Package


BASIC TV  Over 6000 Live TV Channels  Regular $10/Month  + **Adults Only

NewService  TV  Over 7000 Live TV Channels, 24/7 and Catchup  Regular $15/month  + **Adults Only

VOD TV  Over 3000 Live TV Channels, 8000Movies, 2000 Series   Regular  $10/month  + **Adults Only

VOD App  This app uses scrappers to find and play Movies and TV series from internet.  *Regular  $5/month When combined with any other package. Not sold separately.

**Note: Live TV Channels includes Adult Content which can be blocked using the Parental Control settings.

If purchased individually these services would cost  $480/year

Now for a limited time Current or New WFTV Tv Box owners can get All services for as low as $25/month  Sold in 1 year Blocks only.

With 3 different sources of TV and 2 different sources of Movies and Series. You will never be without your favourite programming.

If you are having issues connecting to any service, please try using a VPN.

Note:  Due to the nature of Streaming Services, the performance of any individual channel or service is not guaranteed.  No media or content is hosted,  streamed, or directly provided by WFTV .  It's is the users responsibility to determine the suitability, for their own needs.

The comparison below is base on information from the suppliers web site and may not be accurate as they reserve the right to change pricing at any time.


Let's Compare the Others

Note all of these packages have the disclaimer that "Pricing may change during subscription"