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Boxes are Now in Stock!

If wanting a TV Box for Christmas you should order Now!

All TV Boxes must be picked up by Dec 22

There will be no Box Sales from Dec 22 2023 until Feb 15 2024

The TV Boxes available may vary due to availability. Boxes currently available will be listed here:

The X96X4 TV Box with 4G Ram and 32G Storage.   $105 includes Programming and FlyMouse Remote.


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I'm going to answer this here. As I get tired of hearing it. People keep telling me they can by this TV Box for less than $60 on line. Yes if you Google it you will see adds for this box for $45 to $60 USD but if you visit the sites you will find that this is a wholesale price and you have to Order anywhere from 10 to 100 units to get this price, then you will have to pay import fees and Taxes to receive the product.

If you check on You will find this product selling for around $90 CND + Tax that is for the box with standard remote,  no programming, and no support.

So if you do the math I think you will find that my Price of $105 for the TV Box + FlyMouse Remote +1Month Streaming Service + On going support

Is a pretty good deal!