Until Current Canadian Court Rulling is Concluded All Distribution of Fully Loaded Tv Boxes have been Halted

Due to recent court order no more "Fully Loaded" Tv Boxes are being sold. You can purchase a TV Box in factory condition, and easily download the required Apps and Addons, from the Members Only section of the website. If you have any problems Remote Support is available. 


            Boxes are in stock Monday July 25 2016  but going quickly!

       Don't miss out e-mail me your order now! Or Call 519-968-3507    




Purchase with confidence. Money Back Guarantee! Purchase a TV Box take it home and watch it for 2 days! If you decide this isn't for you. Simply return it in it's original packaging on the 3rd day for a Full Refund!

Or better still! Have me deliver your TV BOX and set it up in your home making sure it is working to your satisfaction ( all for no extra charge ). Just click here arrange a day & time.



  New For those who are looking for a good alternative to Cable / Satellite 

As of March 1, 2016 Cable & Satelite Providers must offer a basic package for $25 or Less! An Android Box is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to paying Extra for Movie Packages and Premium Channels!!!!



             Be sure to check the "Instruction Page"  &  "Q & A Page"                               

                               March 12, 2016                                                                         Now Available S77 Pro Remote

                  I receive  many emails asking if Boxes are available                                                Easy to use remote with Fly Mouse and Key Board

                        If boxes are unavailable it will say so here!                                                                                     $35

            The M8 has been replaced with M8S ( even faster processor )                         The perfect addition to your TV Box or Media Player  

                                         M8S Boxes Are In Stock                                                          S77 Pro Remote is In Stock   +   The Mini KeyBoard is in stock.

                                   Are items are available while quantities last, don't wait call or email now to reserve your Android TV Box they Go Fast!     

                            I am working on a Box with KODI auto restore capabilities, hopefully this will be available by the end of February.



               Give us a call for a live demonstration.                


Note: For the best optimum performance, if possible use a wired internet connection. Although the wireless connections on the Android Boxes are very good. Conditions such as interference, wireless overload, overlapping wireless networks, and even bandwidth sharing can cause intermittent  streaming issues which are beyond control and not an issue with the box itself.

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Welcome to Windsor Free TV, enjoy Your stay.

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With an Android TV Box with KODI fully loaded and ready for your entertainment.