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Other Smart Devices


If you have a Smart Streaming device not purchased from WFTV and you would like to use it to watch  service from WFTV.

Check the App Store on your device and look for the IBO Player Pro or IBO Player. This is an App that allows the playing of an IPTV Service using an external playlist.

You can also look for VuPlayer as an alternative to IBO. Activation is the same.

If you can put this app on your device, and send me a screen shot of your device info MAC Address and Device Key. I will set up the Play List for you. You will be watching Live TV in minutes.

Email screen shot to:    Or Text to: 226-455-7787


Note the IBO Player app must be purchased it can be installed for free and has a short trial period.




** WFTV has no affiliation with IBO or it's creators and make no guaranties as to performance or suitability of use for any purpose.


IBO Player web site